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All characters depicted are ageless lolis. Especially the men.

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Commission info -2019-

Posted by Joeydrawss - April 6th, 2019

Hi slight update to my commission info, Have a nice day!

Please fill out this form if you wish to commission me

Email me if you have any question at joeydraw4me@gmail.com 

Thank you for commissioning me <3

General Commission Info:

Commissioned images are for non-commercial use only. I reserve the right to post the images in my own galleries and use them as portfolio samples to advertise my own work.

You may post and share these images on your site and display them as you please, but not in any commercial way. 

Please provide reference for any given character. Proper reference sheets work best, but anything is better than nothing. References are less mandatory for stream commissions - complete references aren’t particularly important if I can ask questions and get answers without delay.

I reserve the right to decline commissions. I might be busy, I might be having a bad day, or you might want me to draw a fetish that I’m not comfortable with drawing. 

For a list of things I will and will not draw click -here-

Stream commission info:

I stream randomly but mostly on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday and usually with others. Ill do a warm up drawing that will usually be done in 3 hours or so (depends on how much i hate myself that day). After that I will go down the google spreadsheets doc to see all applicants that filled the form and do the one at the top of the list that is in the chat. If you are selected Ill ask if there is any changes to the commission prompt than proceed to start the clock on the stream to begin the commission till it is done.

If the times I stream are not good for you please get in contact with me and Ill stream at times youd like.

Stream commissions are priced at a base of 5 USD plus an hourly rate of 12 USD per hour. So a 1 hour stream comm would cost 17 USD, 2 hours would be 29 USD, 3 would be 41 USD, etc.

Payment occurs via paypal invoice when the drawing is completed.

Regular Commission prices:

All listed prices are base prices for one character with a simple background, and may be increased or decreased on account of intricate character design, multiple characters, complex backgrounds, or anything that I feel will take significantly more or less time than usual. There is no additional cost for NSFW content. The final price will be negotiated when working out the details of the commission. 

There is no extra charge for using my ocs, but I hold the right to decline their use as I deem it.

Payment will occur after the pose, details, and final price have been worked out and once I give a draft that you agree to your liking.

All payment must be made through paypal, and all prices are listed in USD.

Examples can be found here:





QUestion; WHat do you mean by Gore? Asking because literally every artist has a different definition.

Yea theres many levels of gore, for me theres 3 levels of gore:
Light gore- light bleeding and small cuts and bruises. A fight comes to mind as an example.
Medium gore- lots of bleeding with heavy bruises missing limbs or teeth. Would be considered torture in most first world country's.
Heavy gore- Disembowelment, organs showing the character in question is close to or is dead. What youd find in a snuff film.

I only do light gore and in none sexual ways. Hopefully this helps.

@thezipper100 @Joeydrawss So, would you consider a girl in peril gore?Like, say, tied to a spit over a fire or inside a cauldron.
And would you be willing to draw that sexy, or nah?

Yea thats gore, kinda torture like. I also dont find it sexy nor would really want to draw it.

@thezipper100 @Joeydrawss @Joeydrawss That's fair. Have a good day, mate.